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Solving challenges through design and imagination.


Lillian Ayla Ersoy is the Design Director at Hyper, with 15 years of international experience in conceptual direction and design of digital products, rooms & installations.  Half Norwegian, half Turkish and having grown up in the United States; she is curious, complex and constantly exploring how we look at design, people, process, technology and that space in-between.  

Lillian is a writer on Medium and has held several talks and workshops about IoT, Emotion-driven Design, Design Thinking and Lean UX.  She is inspired by many cultures, beautiful craftsmanship and the magical world we live in. She lives in Oslo and considers herself a citizen of the world. 


Past clients: 

Aktiv mot kreft, Arkitektnytt, Diplom-is,  IxDA Oslo, Roede, Kristiania University, Norwegian Architects Association, Norwegian Cancer Association, Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), Posten Norge, Purdue University, Robert Tandberg, Roede, Samara House - Flank Lloyd Wright, Save the Children, Spleis, Sparebank 1, Westerdals

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Raskere vei til jobb, NAV
Gulltaggen Shortlist 2018

Digital sick leave, NAV
Digitaliseringspris 2017

Visual Communication DESIGN Honors
Purdue University 2005



Why design thinking is failing
Article of the year, UX collective, medium

Design som kan gjøre mer skade enn godt

Gjorde inngangspartiet til digitalt eksperiment
kreativt forum

Five ingredients for happy teams
ux collective, Medium

The future of retail and experience design
Bekk, medium

Robots are not taking over humanity
ux collective, medium

Et kunsteksperiment med silketrykk
SPleis, medium


Talks & exhibitions

Panel: Design Disruptors Debate
Webdagene, Oslo 2017

meaningful products we love 
Westerdals + BEKK open Oslo 2017

Motivated and successful teams
Smidig Conference, Oslo 2016

Invisible Design & Calm Technology
Westerdals + BEKK open 2016

Moderator, Funka's Tilgjengelighetsdager
Stockholm 2016

Digital meets Physical: Collective Currents
IxDA Oslo Meetup 2016

Design Thinking & Lean UX
UiO Masters Course for Innovation 2015

Emotion Driven Design
IxDA Oslo Meetup + Westerdals 2015

Bridging the Gap
NTNU University 2014

women in Design
UiO University of Oslo 2013

Pecha Kucha, OSLO
DOGA, Centre for Design & Architecture 2008

Photo Exhibition
Westwood Gallery USA 2006



Get in touch

I'm delighted to give a talk, hold a workshop or collaborate.   


+47 908 05 239

You can also find my presentations on Slideshare